Project 04: My Role

  • Web Design
  • Wordpress Implementation
  • Branding

Real Richmond Food Tours

Branding and website redesign/development was a brave endeavor for Real Richmond Food Tours who were coming off a wildly successful year. They wanted to continue with the momentum they had and add a new look and feel for the new tour season. The goal of the rebranding was to communicate clearly the mission of the Real Richmond Food Tours which is to provide food and historical tours in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The website needed a lot of love in the redesign and providing a great user experience for current or potential customers was imperative. Previously, the website had been cluttered and unclear for the user to find tickets and information regarding the tours. We opted for most of the information to be displayed on the first page and allow users to scroll through the clarified info to find what they needed. Clear calls to action were also provided as well as visual wayfinders with icons and distinct buttons. View the live site here.